About Us

Name of the Project

Nearest School is the Best School (NSBS)

Project Duration



Project Management Office (PMU) / Ministry of Education

Project Coverage

7000 schools in all nine provinces

Factors that Prompted the Concept

The concept of “Nearest School is the Best School “emerges from the Declaration of Education Policies of the present government with the aim of providing equal opportunities in education for every child and creation of a child imbued with virtues, wisdom and vigour.

This project provides effective solutions to the problems faced by the parents, teachers, students and the society as a whole.

Justifications for the project,

  • Equity in education
  • Equal distribution of resources.
  • Development of two schools for each Divisional Secretary‘s Division in the island as Smart Schools.
  • Facilitation of studying of all subject streams from year 1 to year 13.
  • Elimination of the distress of the parents whose children are deprived of admission to popular schools
  • Solution to the problem of congestion in popular schools.


  • “Development of a system of Smart Focal Schools Intended to Create a Generation of Students Imbued with Virtues, Wisdom and Vigor”

Criteria for Selection of Schools for “The Nearest School is the Best School”

  • Existence of popular schools with a high public demand in the vicinity of the school to be selected.
  • Geographical location of the school.
  • Availability of an adequate amount of land belonging to the school, for physical expansion.
  • Projections in relation to the student flow.
  • Having the potential for educational development with an optimum number of students (2000 – 3000)
  • Effect of other regional development plans.
  • Socio-economic background.
  • Transport patterns.