Introduction of NSBS

The concept of “Nearest School is the Best School “ has emerged from the  Policy Statement  of Education of the present government with the aim of providing equal opportunities in education for every child and creation of a child imbued with virtues, wisdom and vigour.

Accordingly, the programme has been planned for the implementation of this concept to achieve the following goals within a period of five years commencing from the year 2016 covering all nine provinces in the island.

  • Equity in education
  • Equal distribution of resources.
  • Development of two schools for each Divisional Secretary‘s Division in the island as Smart Schools.
  • Facilitation of studying of all subject streams from year 1 to year 13.
  • Elimination of the distress of the parents whose children are deprived of admission to popular schools
  • Solution to the problem of congestion in popular schools.

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